Your Mobile Office Staff


We provide mobile office services. We want to provide everything an inhouse office assistant can give you, without the cost of a full time employee. We are perfect for the home office or the small business office as we do not need to take up “your” space as we have our own. We can pickup materials at your home or office and email the results back. We can also do your mailings for you.

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  • Word Processing and Typing
  • Tape Transcription
  • Resume Service
  • Data Entry
  • Web Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Rush Jobs are available

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The need for offsite secretarial services are on the rise and have been for many years now. As CoVid hit and many offices moved into the Home Office setting this need increased exponentially.


We have been servicing Tucson since 2007 with many satisfied customers. Please try us out and we will happily extend to you the same excellence we have given all of our clientelle.